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  • Remote Support Made Easy

    [img=http://s3.showmypc.com/images/support-only-version.png" /> You are now CONNECTED! Its that simple! If using the conference call facility, you can either generate and send the call number to the attendees in advance, or they can go into the Web Conference Chat room and get it from there. There are many more great benefits to explore ...

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  • Good News for Android, iPhone, and iPad Users!

    f you are using ShowMyPC for your meetings or accessing your remote PC, you can now enjoy the convenience of working away from your home or business office. With us, you are always connected to your PC because of our system’s compatibility with mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. Don’t Miss Important Online Meeting...

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  • Schedule an Online Meeting - It's Easy!

    ne of the things that you want to be able to do with the ShowMyPC service is scheduling business and personal meetings, such as video conferences on the web. With our remote server service, there are so many possibilities for making connections with business contacts through virtual meetings, and the best part is, there are just a few easy steps. ...

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  • Benefits of Adding Servers = Scalability

    Let’s discuss why ShowMyPC’s private hosting plans are perfect for an individual, small business, or organization seeking the benefits of scalability. The scalability of a private server benefits the small business or organization more than you might think. The private servers are completely flexible and enable businesses to keep traffic wi...

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  • Cleaning Up the Computer Screen for Virtual Presentations

    Once you have gotten the hang of making presentations for training or collaborative purposes on your PC, you should consider your comfort level with preparing to communicate effectively with a virtual, professional audience. However, now there are new practical considerations to bear in mind as you continue planning new virtual presentations for yo...

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