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  • Maximizing the Benefits of Video Conferencing Services

    Why should you make the most of your video conferencing service? It is one of the best ways to create a visual and interactive dialogue with your business contacts around the world. For a large business, or even one with a modest technology budget, a video conferencing premium package is a worthwhile investment. This kind of package makes it easy f...

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  • Why Try ShowMyPC?

    When a small business owner, or for that matter, any computer user, needs to make professional demonstrations and broadcast them via the Internet through a cost-effective method, it helps to be able to count on a service like ShowMyPC. A person such as yourself preparing a demonstration pulls up the digital information on one server’s computer...

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  • View a remote PC from any device: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac

    ShowMyPC has released a limited beta of its Html viewer, which enables viewing a remote PC from any device. This feature is currently available to paid premium subscribers only. - Ideal Screen Sharing for Online Presentations and Classrooms, and restrictive firewalls where viewer can simply watch using standard browser. - Anyone allowed can vi...

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  • Integrated Web Conferencing and Meeting Room

    ShowMyPC has added many exciting features to the conference product based on customer feedback: Single point of entry for all meeting requirements Online shared folder Improved multi-user chat Integrated webcam Free conference call number All these along with an enhanced user interface makes this a unique, easy to use solution for all con...

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  • Screen Sharing with your Private Server

    ShowMyPC has come up with various tiered options, with a very competitively priced unlimited connections (per server) package at just $2550.00. The number of ongoing meetings can be managed depending on the hosting plan. ShowMyPC offers the convenience of providing remote support and holding online demonstrations for clients. The private servers...

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