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10 Ways To Stay Connected When Working Remotely [Part 1]

Whether you work in a different building to colleagues, are on a different time zone to your clients, are a mobile worker or choose to be home based, it can be extremely difficult to feel connected when working remotely. As a lone worker outside of the hustle and bustle of the main office, it can be very easy to feel that you’re out of the loop and not a part of the wider team. Fortunately, there are lots of tricks, tips and technology you can use to help you stay connected. Try our top 10 pointers to make telecommuting work for you and avoid the sense of being out of sight, out of mind…

1. Schedule a Regular Meeting
No one likes to feel like they’re missing out and as a telecommuter, there is a real danger that you’ll miss important briefings or not be as up to date as others who work from the main office. Use ShowMyPC to schedule a weekly meeting where you can catch up with the latest news and get a full briefing on day-to-day matters you’d otherwise miss.

2. Make Conference Calls The Norm
When working remotely there is a temptation to do everything by yourself which can increase feelings of isolation and nurture a sense of disconnection. Use ShowMyPC to arrange a conference call with key staff members, where everyone can dial in to the same number regardless of location and connect. Even a short call such as 15 minutes can keep everyone on the same page.

3. Set Up Systems To Access Help
When you work remotely you often won’t have access to the same support structures as those based in the office. The IT department for example will often be in at HQ, which is impractical for those working miles away when a program just won’t work or emails simply won’t download. To avoid frustration and create the sense that you’re still part of a team, use desktop sharing to allow office-based support access to your machine helping you to tap into company expertise and ensure you feel like a valued, supported member of the team.

4. Use Social Media
Company social media accounts such as LinkedIn Groups, Twitter profiles and Facebook pages are an excellent way to stay connected wherever your job takes you. Be sure to follow, like and +1 to remain a part of the work community. This means you’ll always be in the know about latest news announcements and be up to date with company events. It’s also a quick and easy way to communicate, participate and stay engaged.

5. Use VoIP
Calls can be costly. So find a cheap VoIP service such as Skype which will allow you to call other users on the same platform for free. With no fear of sky high phone bills, it’s much more likely you’ll pick up the phone and speak to colleagues, helping to ensure you stay in the loop.

Stay tuned for the next 5 tips!
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