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Web Conferencing can be fun too!

Web conferencing is used by many businesses around the World to unite their workforce from various locations. Using software to connect to staff and clients alike, means businesses are now offering a new level of customer and staff support.

Web conferencing in itself is not that new to the market. In the past many companies have used ‘conference calling’ to remotely connect staff and clients. The disadvantage of just calling is that everyone needs to be looking at the same documents at the same time, which does not always happen easily. This is why web conferencing is a much better idea, as people can share documents and collaborative working is made much easier.

Of course there are many providers of web conferencing software, but not all of them provide exactly what you need to be able to remotely connect and share everything you need to. We are very pleased to announce the release of our newly revamped all inclusive web conferencing service, with new and improved features including:

VOIP – speak to anyone from the comfort of your desk
Screen sharing – allow others to see a presentation
Chat – keep the communication going using the built in chat
File sharing – simple to send files quickly to anyone anywhere
White board – add a bit of fun into the discussions by using the white board
Webcam – see who you are talking to, building that trust between you

Using our web conferencing software could not be simpler. Everyone who logs into the web meeting can share their desktop, applications and files with each other, as well as use the white board and chat to collaborate seamlessly. If someone cannot find a document, it takes seconds to transfer over another copy; meaning your meeting is not held up. Some people also like the idea of face-to-face meetings, to see who they are doing business with, it makes them feel more comfortable, so being able to see the other side through web conferencing is an advantage to many.

Meetings can be hard enough to arrange when there are more than 2 people invited. All the diaries need to match up and then there is the travel (not to mention travel and accommodation costs!). If your client is in the USA and your staff are in France, the cost of organizing a face-to-face meeting can quickly mount up. The advantage of web conferencing is that it allows you to meet face-to-face via a screen with those clients at a fraction of the cost.

Our all-inclusive conference room is simple to use for all users running Windows, Linux, Mac or any mobile device. You can chose from free or premium package to suit your business needs. Seamlessly allowing multiple users to share files and screens, enabling meetings to run smoothly and efficiently – a must for any business.
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