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ShowMyPC Featured In Leading Tech Magazine

ShowMyPC made international news last year when it was featured in leading Indian technology magazine, Silicon India. Established in 1997, the publication has quickly emerged as India’s largest community of professionals and covers a range of different sectors including technology, business, entrepreneur news, digital trends, career opportunities and more.

Based in California, ShowMyPC won the attention of Silicon India due to its rapid transformation from an innovative screen sharing solution to a comprehensive product with multiple integration options. Thanks to seamless engineering, ShowMyPC can be flawlessly integrated into any software, hardware or website.

As contemporary business becomes increasingly reliant on technology, Silicon India has acclaimed ShowMyPC for its provision of a cutting edge corporate communications solution that meets the needs of the current market. With an increasing number of employees adopting dynamic work schedules it can be difficult to upkeep effective and efficient communications at all times. For international companies with employees residing on all corners of the globe, maintaining communication can also be a challenge. The software is also an invaluable tool for companies that need to provide help and support to remote computers.

ShowMyPC offers a definitive solution to these widely encountered issues, providing its clients with screen sharing, remote support and meeting services at their fingertips. Whether used on a PC or a smart device, the software can be used from anywhere, at any time. This is an essential part of keeping global businesses running smoothly and ensuring that all employees and customers enjoy state-of-the-art support.

All that’s required is an internet connection which makes using ShowMyPC software incredibly easy. In today’s hectic world of business, time is of the essence and Silicon India maintains that the ultra-intuitive user experience is one of ShowMyPC’s best features.

The company was also praised for its dual service models that offer clients the complete flexibility to choose their preferred level of service. The free model offers clients basic support while signing up for a paid subscription gives members access to advanced features including meeting sessions, online demonstrations and remote support. Backing up the basic communications tools and services are additional features designed to foster collaboration.

Winning ShowMyPC even more praise from Silicon India is its underlying commitment to customer support. From helpdesk monitoring to invoicing, ShowMyPC is on hand to help clients manage their day-to-day business operations with ease.

Finally, the publication commended the company for its universal relevance to a range of different industries. From healthcare, medicine and education to finance, telecommunications and IT, ShowMyPC lends itself to an array of different applications.

Want to know more about how ShowMyPC has fortified its status as a global leader in collaboration based business tools and services? Check out the full Silicon India write up here.
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