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  • Setting Clear Boundaries for Your Remote Work Life Balance

    The repercussions of the pandemic on the traditional business workplace model have shifted into a new era of PJ bottomed executives taking Zoom calls from the convenience of their dining room tables. More and more businesses are realizing that they cannot put the work-at-home genie back into the bottle. Remote work may have started as a necessity d...

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  • How to Effectively Manage Your Virtual Ecommerce Team

    [By Xiaoyun TU, Global Head of Lead Generation at Brightpearl] With more people than ever working from home, knowing how to manage your ecommerce team remotely has never been more important. Working from home is likely to continue long term, after all. You might have an entirely remote team, or some people still working from t...

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  • Remote Access software keeps your company data safe and secure

    Remote access software can improve data security by making sure no data is stored on personal devices.  For businesses handling personal data or sensitive information, it’s really important to use data security tactics to ensure your company data doesn't get into the hands of cybercriminals. As the pandemic has pushed many busine...

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  • Working from Home Is Here To Stay

    If there is one post-Covid-19 trend that seems to remain, it is working from home. Many people have successfully made the switch to remote work and have no complaints. They find it to be very satisfying. However, some people prefer working at the office. If you are wondering what to expect in the future, you have come to the right place. This post ...

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  • Devices You Need to Work from Home in 2021

    One of the biggest shifts we saw in 2020 to the way people work and live is a move from the office to the home. And just because the pandemic might lift doesn’t mean that everything is going to move back to the way things were before. In fact, many analysts expect they won’t. Given that, you need to be prepared to work from home just a...

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