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  • New Free Version Released

    Version 3500 is the latest free version with new UI, better performance and enhanced authorization options. - Sleek and modern UI - Improved Performance - Ability to control file access at session start - Ability to control remote viewer's access to mouse and keyboard at session start See details...

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  • Create a home office with just one PC

    How can you access your home or office PC from anywhere in the world? As the economy struggles to gain its footing in the job market, many individuals are turning to self-employment and small businesses for their income. In a report published in September 2015, it was quoted that the Office for National Statistics has deemed that one in seven...

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  • The New Start Ups Working Remotely

    One of the big financial outlays for businesses when they first start is finding a suitable location from which to operate. You need to rent or buy an office, then you need to get the hardware like computers, printers and phones in, not to mention hiring the right staff to get you off the ground in the first place. The way businesses operate is be...

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  • Sleek and Faster iOS App Released

    We have enhanced the iOS app and released version 2550, including some of the following features: Brand new seamless UI. Faster connection time. Seamless access to unattended PCs, including password caching for one click quick connection. In-app purchase options for our Access Home or Office PC plans. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/showmyp...

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  • The Future of Desktop Sharing For Real Time Communication

    With Microsoft predicting that by 2025 the world will host 4.7 billion internet users, the adoption rates of desktop sharing are definitely set to soar. Computers have become ubiquitous in all aspects of our lives these days, whether it is for work, online shopping, travel planning, or education.As computer technology has advanced, so too have...

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