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  • New major version released!

    We are very excited to announce the general availability of the next version of our Premium software, which includes a host of features such as: - Brand new UI. - Web Control which allows you to remotely control the processes and services on a remote PC using any Browser. - Deeper integration of collaboration features into the app (...

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  • Screen Annotation with ShowMyPC

    Ever feel the need to convey your point during a meeting with a pointer to a specific area on your screen? Or to highlight a specific word? With our new annotations feature, you can do just that. Pick a pen size and color, and you can point out areas of your screen to your viewers. This feature is available in our newest beta version (3513...

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  • Online Invoicing for Small Businesses and Individuals

    Done helping your client? Time to get paid! ShowMyPC has released the perfect solution- an online invoicing service for small businesses and individuals. A simple link sent to your client allows them to view and pay their invoices online. Send a quote. Get approval. Convert to invoice. Unlimited Invoices. Unlimited Clients. - Your Person...

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  • Perfect solution for your online presentations and demos

    Hosting a presentation? Need your viewers to quickly view your demo without any downloads? Our HTML Viewer is the ideal solution. - Instant Screen Sharing for Online Presentations, Classrooms, and Product Demonstrations. - Works across restrictive firewalls where viewer can simply watch using standard browser. - No need for any plug in or ...

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  • Optimize your Premium account for Remote Support: Few Easy steps and you are all set!

    ith our premium feature rich collaboration plans, you can quickly tweak your account to optimize it for remote support. Here we share some tips and tricks that have worked for our existing users to make the support process streamlined and efficient so you can focus on what matters most- helping your customers. - Remove all extra buttons from...

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