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  • Announcing the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program!

    We are very excited to announce that the ShowMyPC Affiliate Program has been launched this week. Our Affiliate program is an incredibly easy way for website owners and online marketers to earn money and generate revenue from the traffic to their site. We pay partners for any accounts that come from their web site as referrals. Key benefits of...

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  • Quick and Easy Switching of Meeting Presenters

    e have released a new version of our premium meeting software(3160) that enables quick and easy switching of presenters during a meeting. This has been a much requested feature from our remote support and desktop sharing software customers. We have gone a step ahead and allow viewing of multiple presenters during a session. This can come in great ...

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  • ShowMyPC has has been recognized by WebHostingSearch.com

    [img=http://showmypc.com/images/best-web-tool.png" /> Show My PC is very happy to announce that we are featured as one of the best remote support and desktop sharing software on WebHostingSearch.com for 2012. WebHostingSearch.com is maintained by professional webmasters who compare the latest software services and tools, and provide a listing of...

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  • Remote PC Access- A Great Boon for Small Businesses

    emote access is a great time saver. Instead of asking your office to e-mail you an urgent file or documents you need for that crucial meeting, you can access it instantly with a few clicks from your location. Small businesses can benefit from remote access by running programs from a remote computer and can cut down costs of PC maintenance and ...

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  • How Remote PC Access Service Can Help Your Mobile Workforce

    ave you ever been caught up in a situation where you wanted to access some data from your home or office PC but could not because you were in a remote location? Well, now you can actually do it. You can now access your home or office PC regardless of your physical location using the latest technology. ShowMyPC offers a remote PC access applica...

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