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  • Remote Working Culture - Should Managers Embrace It?

    There was a time when working remotely for whatever reason wasn’t just foreign but unthinkable. A good segment of the population believed to work is to leave the house early in the morning and return in the evening after a busy and draining day worsened by the ever busy commute. However, the truth of the 21st century worker is that he's b...

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  • The origins of remote service and support

    From entrepreneurs to educators, there’s barely a sector that can’t utilise the advantages of remote support. Research from the New Jersey Institute of Technology last year showed that 45% of American freelancers alone are working remotely, not including employees and business owners, with advantages such as boosted efficiency, producti...

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  • Security for working remotely

    As of January 2016, 37% of Americans surveyed identified with working remotely based in an annual work and education poll by online supplier of data-driven news Gallup. With so many individuals looking to enjoy the benefits of working from home, it’s important that there is plenty of advice and tips on how to secure your workspace, both ...

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  • Is remote working for me?

    Whilst the number of Americans choosing to work remotely continues to increase, making the leap from traditional office-based work and daily commute can seem daunting. ShowMyPC’s vision is to provide millions of users with cost-effective and easy to use remote services that can help you enjoy the numerous benefits of being able to connect wit...

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  • New Premium version 3540 released

    We have released Premium version 3540 with the following features: - Updated sleek app UI - New user friendly and secure home page - HTML/Browser Viewer on home page ...

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