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  • Building a team - where can you scrimp and where should you splurge?

    Strong teams are the key to success in any sector. Whether managing a band of IT buffs, a unit of financial whizzes, a cluster of creative designers or any other collaborative venture involving more than one individual, building up a strong team should be at the top of your priority list. To help you get the absolute most out of your team, we’ve ...

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  • New premium version released

    - New Enhanced UI - Quick share link to send meeting information to users - Viewer has a quick access button to View All PCs - More granular control on host sharing settings (this provides options for further security and control over sessions) 1. Prevent remote viewer from controlling computer 2. Prevent remote viewer from transferrin...

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  • Five cost effective ways to collaborate internationally

    With the rise of the internet has come the opportunity for companies to expand operations to international shores. This means that today, a plethora of businesses operate in countries across the globe. Londoners communicate with Sydney-siders, New Yorkers attend business meetings with Cape Town dwellers, Canadians take part in conference calls with...

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  • Easy Access URL for Your PC

    ShowMyPC now has a feature that automatically assigns a unique and easy to remember name to your unattended computers. This feature is available to all our customers. - Access your unattended PCs from any Browser. - An easy and secure way to reach your PC. - Bookmark or Share link with other trusted users. - Integrate this link w...

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  • The Future of Screen Sharing

    Computers have unquestionably infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. From business and banking to entertainment and travel, they’ve become central to the world as we know it. As computer technology has advanced, so too have the tools that complement it. In particular, desktop sharing has become one of the most popular ways for computer use...

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