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ShowMyPC's Event Center Makes Event Management a Breeze

ShowMyPC event management software can find application in planning and scheduling events and meeting and can also be effectively used for online presentations and classroom registrations. The software is a great way to facilitate screen sharing during events. It can be used to make free conference calls and in multiple users chat room. This package is bundled for free with our Business and higher plans.

With the event management software, ShowMyPC has emerged as a specialist in providing the right tool and input to manage your events and meetings efficiently and smoothly. The software can help event and meeting managers infuse a high degree of professionalism in their planning methods. It facilitates quick and easy navigation to get all the information you require at a glance.

This software can radically change the way managers plan events and meetings. The events meeting tab provides all the details such as the name of the event, the start and the end time and the maximum number of users at the event at a given time in one place for easy access. Planning events will never be a stressful affair anymore with ShowMyPC event management software.
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