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Conduct a Better Online Meeting

If you’re using an online meeting software such as ShowMyPC, you’re off to a great start! Using an online service to share the contents of your PC or laptop screen is a smart decision. And the best part is that any user can view what you are broadcasting with a simple handheld device, such as an iPad or a Smartphone.

Use your ability to share what is on your desktop screen using ShowMyPC’s software to conduct more effective meetings. Save yourself the hassle of completing many steps to share information with your intended audience. Tailor the content that you will present on the screen to the needs of your audience.

Why should you conduct a better online meeting? Think about your audience for a minute. People who stop whatever they are working on during a busy workday to go online and view the contents of your computer screen are usually in a time crunch. They hope that you, like any other presenter, have taken the time to organize online meeting information for their easy consumption. They want to be able to use their time wisely during your online meeting. Otherwise, why would they log on?

So here is something that you can do to make the most of everyone’s time for the next online meeting. Start out with a white board, or a blank MS Word document. Map out the most important ideas that need to be communicated in the meeting. Then choose the presentation format that will communicate these ideas most effectively. If you just need a bit of text and lots of images, PowerPoint might do the trick. For a more informal brainstorming session, a whiteboard might work better. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to conduct efficient online meetings!
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