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Cleaning Up the Computer Screen for Virtual Presentations

Once you have gotten the hang of making presentations for training or collaborative purposes on your PC, you should consider your comfort level with preparing to communicate effectively with a virtual, professional audience. However, now there are new practical considerations to bear in mind as you continue planning new virtual presentations for your audience, perhaps even for daily or weekly meetings.

Think about how to clean up the computer screen, for example, prior to your next presentation so that what you present will be better suited to the audience. One idea is to make an appointment one half hour before your meeting on your e-calendar. In this time period, you can critically evaluate the content that you intend to share.

Take a step back from your computer and think about what your audience will view through ShowMyPC technology. Does what you have arranged on the screen make sense? Or should you learn how to be a more adept editor of your visual content display?

For example, you might be able to remove graphics that make the screen too busy. You might catch spelling errors in text that you have included in a presentation. You might decide to throw out items altogether that really do not fit your agenda for the meeting.

Above all, remember that it is a professional courtesy as the virtual meeting facilitator to take time to weed out ineffective visual elements so that your audience will derive maximum benefits from viewing your computer screen.
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