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Benefits of Adding Servers = Scalability

Let’s discuss why ShowMyPC’s private hosting plans are perfect for an individual, small business, or organization seeking the benefits of scalability.

The scalability of a private server benefits the small business or organization more than you might think. The private servers are completely flexible and enable businesses to keep traffic within their own network. You can set up the account easily using your PayPal account or credit card as needed. Later on, it’s easy to add more servers when your business growth demands it. And we have support personnel ready to assist with your technical needs.

You are encouraged to inquire about additional custom options to tailor the service to your organization's unique requirements. ShowMyPC offers fully functional trial software with your servers.

The private server can be hosted on various operating systems- see specific system requirements here. Once you have a server with a public host name or IP address, you can easily set up the ShowMyPC service in under 7 minutes, and the price begins at the base of $220 (one-time).
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