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10 Ways To Stay Connected When Working Remotely [Part 2]

Read on for more tips for staying connected while working remotely...

6. Use Video Conferencing
Use videoconferencing to be present in the office even when you’re far away. Working remotely takes away the face-to-face foundation that relationships are built on. Participating via video conference in brain storming sessions, briefings and meetings mean you’ll remain – and feel – connected to the rest of the team. Our chat room feature offers you all the tools to stay connected with your co- workers.

7. Ask for Feedback
Those working in HQ will often have the advantage of having a manager close to hand. That means feedback is always forthcoming. Avoid the sense of being a remote unit even when working remotely by being pro-active about requesting feedback. Make sure that you stay in touch with your line manager, request appraisals and always get comments on major projects and reports.

8. Keep in Touch on a Personal Level
Working in a different location can mean you miss out on the personal connections that come from being part of a team. From not joining colleagues for lunch to missing out on after work drinks or sharing a coffee in the cafeteria, it’s easy to make things all business when working off site. Make an effort to make a personal connection, something which is often lacking when working remotely as communications tend to be all business. If you friend colleagues on Facebook for example, a quick message on their birthday can help you to feel part of the social circle. If it is possible to attend work events such as the summer office BBQ or conference, do so at least once a year.

9. Work on the Same Time Zone as Colleagues
If you telecommute there is a danger you’ll work on a totally different time zone to the majority of your colleagues. If this is the case, consider starting work earlier or later depending on the time difference to sync your working day. This will ensure you stay more a part of the team and that any problems can be quickly resolved with no delays in response as your colleagues sleep while you work and vice versa.

10. Remain Productive
Checking productivity is essential to staying connected. Remote workers have none of the social conventions of an office dictating that work takes places – there’s a temptation to watch TV, do chores or sleep late. Remaining productive means you remain professional, giving a sense of satisfaction that you are contributing along with colleagues. Schedule meetings, arrange calls and video conference.

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