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New Level of Productivity for Accountants and Tax Pros

Today, the workflow in businesses has become a more collaborative process, and it becomes necessary to have effective remote access tools to aid collaboration. When used properly, such tools can speed up your business processes and result in increased productivity. Our screen-sharing tools can enable your company to achieve its financial goals more efficiently. Our products allow you to connect online and share your screen, enabling others to watch it or enabling you to watch screens of remote users.

The service also enables accessing your home or your office desktop remotely, so that you can access your PC from anywhere, or keep an online track of your business associates’ or clients’ PC.

The power of the Internet makes all this possible. Such tools allow you to work faster and reduce travel costs and time. The tool is particularly beneficial for remote support, web conferencing or for training procedures. You can also use it for presentations and demos or for better collaboration in online meetings and tutorials or for providing technical support.

Provide your Tax and Accounting Services Online

With the tax season upon us, accounting and tax companies can hugely benefit from our screen sharing tools to conduct their business. Many forward thinking companies have started using such tools, as customers expect service anywhere and at any time. In such an environment, the convenience of such tools can be a total game changer, and it becomes a key to attract new clients.

Imagine a scenario where you are a CPA and working on a client’s taxes and need quick feedback from the client on certain items. There is no need to schedule an in person meeting, which can be time consuming and delay the entire process. You can instead use ShowMyPC to quickly share your screen with the client and have them take a look at the document. Or the client lives far away from your office, yet wants to be able to participate while the tax document is being drawn up- using our web conferencing services can remove all geographical barriers and greatly increase your business potential and range. Or you have to train your associates or clients regarding some accounting software but it is not possible to schedule a physical meeting, our premium collaboration services can be used to conduct a meeting in seconds.

ShowMyPC's remote access tools can solve all these problems, save time and provide faster service to customers.

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