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When running a small business, it is pivotal to ensure that your operations are as efficient and as cost effective as possible. Unlike larger scale corporations, you simply can’t afford to waste valuable resources, whether they are related to time, money or productivity. To help you enhance the way in which your small business is run, we've compiled a list of five essential tools that every small business owner should utilize.

The technological revolution is in full swing with an estimated 65% of Americans now owning smartphones. Square is at the forefront of embracing the mobile device trend with the development of technology that allows businesses to accept credit card payments through an iPhone, Android or iPad. With a no commitment sign up, free Square Reader plug in device and ‘pay only when you sell’ policy, the service is a no brainer for greatly expanding the ways in which your business is able to accept payment.

One of the keys to small business success is maintaining effective communication with clients, customers, suppliers and other corporate affiliates. ShowMyPC makes collaboration easy with the provision of a remote support and meeting service which completely breaks down conventional geographical boundaries. With services including free and premium remote PC access, desktop sharing, screen sharing and an array of other state-of-the-art features, ShowMyPC is a must have tool for any discerning small business owner wanting to keep their communication lines wide open.

Cloud storage has undergone a huge surge in popularity in the last few years thanks to the convenience, security and ease of sharing/access that it offers users. DropBox is an incredibly reliable cloud based storage solution trusted by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. It’s fantastic for small businesses and will help you store and remotely access important documents as well as rapidly share information with staff and clients.

FreshBooks is an intelligent cloud based accounting solution designed especially for small businesses. Using simple yet intuitive technology, the software allows you to track time, log expenses and invoice clients with incredible ease. This is one of the most popular invoicing, accounting and billing solutions on the market.

Social Media
Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have completely revolutionized the way in which the modern world communicates. If you’re not on board the social media bandwagon your small business is missing out! Establishing a dynamic online presence will help you connect with your customers, network with other businesses and embrace the opportunity for free publicity and advertising.
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