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5 reasons why you need ShowMyPC this summer

Summer is finally here and with it comes warmer weather, glorious sunshine and the chance to get out and enjoy quality time with family and friends. However this doesn’t have to mean that your business experiences a lapse in productivity and communication. By enlisting the help of ShowMyPC, you can ensure that you, your employees and your business partners stay connected all summer long. Here’s what ShowMyPC can do for you this summer!

You’re going on holiday but still want to make that important business meeting?
It may be summer in the Northern Hemisphere but meanwhile your Southern Hemisphere clients are slogging it through the winter and most likely don’t have any vacations planned. On the contrary, they may be expecting you to attend a number of virtual meetings that clash with your upcoming trip to the Greek Isles... Don’t let that ruin your European vacation. With ShowMyPC’s convenient Online Meetings service, you have the power to attend meetings from anywhere, at any time.

On a summer getaway but need access to your home or office PC?
There’s nothing worse than having your summer getaway interrupted by an urgent business matter. Rather than bite the bullet and book an early flight home, why not safeguard your trip with a Access Home or Office PC service from ShowMyPC? With the capacity to work on a remote PC at the home or office, you can effortlessly sort out that critical business matter from the comfort of your sun lounger.

Want to provide your customers with ongoing summer support?
If you’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, ShowMyPC offers the perfect tools to keep your business thriving this summer. The Online Meetings and Remote Support service, along with the Helpdesk and Invoicing systems, give you the power to offer your customers around the clock help and assistance, whether you’re knuckling down at the workplace, grilling on the deck or living it up in Cabo.

You want to keep on top of your invoicing and payments?
If you’re determined to spend the summer relaxing rather than stressing out over invoices, ShowMyPC offers a Free Invoice System service with all Business Plans. Using innovative online cloud technology, you simply send a quote, receive approval and convert to an invoice. It’s simple, professional and stress free way of ensuring that your business finances are up to date throughout the summer season, leaving you with more time to kick back, relax and enjoy the warmer weather.

You want to give your staff a refresher training course after the summer break?
After a relaxing summer break, the best way to get your staff back into the swing of things is to run a refresher training course. ShowMyPC makes this easy by offering the ability to run online training and presentations from the convenience of your computer screen. The capacity for remote training will also ensure that any staff members taking an extended break won’t miss out on the session.
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