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The Benefits of ShowMyPC for Last Minute Tax Returns

“There are only two things that are certain in life. Death and taxes.” This statement may be blunt but at the end of the day, it’s downright accurate. Almost everyone is obliged to pay taxes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people stay on top of their finances. In fact, as tax deadlines creep closer and closer, certified public accountants are inundated with last minute projects.

If you’re a CPA, it’s a great opportunity to bring in extra business. However, it also pays to arm yourself with the right technology to make the process faster, easier and more accurate. Remote support and desktop sharing software ShowMyPC is the definitive solution, allowing CPAs to prepare last minute tax returns with ease. So what are the benefits? Read on for an overview of why ShowMyPC should be a core tool in the software inventory of any CPA.

Easy and instant access to remote PCs

Gathering files, folders and documents is one of the longest, and most tedious aspects of preparing a tax return. When projects need to be completed at the last minute it can also be incredibly stressful. With ShowMyPC, CPAs can gain remote access to the PCs of their clients in matter of minutes. They can then search for and access all relevant tax documents, at their fingertips.

Unlimited access

CPAs tend to have large portfolios of clients which means the service needs to be compatible with various different PCs. When investing in ShowMyPC software, CPAs enjoy unlimited access to remote support and desktop sharing services.

Premium meeting support

Communication is critical when preparing last minute tax returns. From double checking figures to clearing up any ambiguous accounts, the ShowMyPC premium meeting support service allows CPAs to engage in online conferences with any client.

With such hard hitting benefits on offer, ShowMyPC is a must have tool for any CPA. In the lead up to impending tax deadlines, it makes preparing last minute returns faster, and more profitable.
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